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I’m Melissa K Lowe, time management and wellness coach to The WELLthy Mama community!

It took a breast cancer diagnosis and two category 5 hurricanes to help me realize I was spending all my time on all the wrong things. Simple and intentional living may sound boring but it’s quite the opposite. Self reflection has given me more clarity, energy and connection that ever before.

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I’m passionate about helping working mothers pause, reflect and prioritize themselves so they can have lives they truly love.

Every two weeks, I send out 4 resources to help working mothers live WELL: something to Write, Eliminate, Learn and Love.

Come join us as we finally take care of ourselves and each other!

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Melissa K Lowe

I'm a time management and wellness coach with a mission of helping working mothers live an intentional and full life. I hope you'll join me as we make the time for what matters most in each of our lives!