Hey Mama,

I'm Melissa K Lowe, your Anti-Procrastination and Self-Love Coach!

For too long, I was stuck in the cycle of burnout and numbing myself with busyness. It took a breast cancer diagnosis and surviving two catastrophic hurricanes for me to wake up and realize - I wasn't living authentically aligned with my core values and dreams.

After that awakening, I discovered the transformative power of meaningful action. No longer was I just going through the motions - I started taking bold, purposeful steps every day towards crafting the vibrant, fulfilled life my soul craved.

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I'm fiercely passionate about helping other driven working mamas break free from procrastination, overwhelm and disconnection. Together, we'll get radically honest about your WHY - your values, visions and deepest callings. From there, I'll show you how to develop achievable yet inspiring action plans to start actively living in alignment with that WHY through consistent daily steps.

No more waiting for someday. We're making our somedays happen right now.

Every Two Weeks, You'll Get Resources and Motivation to:

  • Declutter distractions and reclaim your time

  • Define your core goals, dreams and non-negotiables

  • Create purposeful action plans aligned with your WHY

  • Build sustainable motivation to keep showing up for yourself

  • Experience the joy, energy and fulfillment of intentional living

It's time to go from spinning your wheels to actively manifesting the bold, authentic life you crave. Let's get moving, mamas!

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You have big dreams, amazing gifts to offer this world, and a fire burning to live life fully. But fear and the daily grind keeps putting out those flames. Let me help you become the woman of action who ignites her truest, most vibrant life.


I'm a well-being coach with a mission of helping working mothers live an intentional and full life. I hope you'll join me as we make the time for what matters most in each of our lives!