Thank you so much for your kinds words. I am so glad to know I am not the only person who struggles with social media, and specifically, Instagram. Even though my feed was curated for inspirational and spiritual messaging, I still found myself down the rabbit hole of comparison and overwhelm.

Yes to meal planning on Sundays. I am making mine today as well. Spaghetti is something I make almost every week but I think it might be time to add some new menu items to the rotation. Whatever I decide, cheers to one less decision we'll both have to make this week!

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“Society will always tell you what’s trending but just remember that it doesn’t have to be your truth.” Is an entire quote!! I am 100% with you with respect to my social media/IG feelings.

Also, meal planning is THE game changer! Thank you for the reminder and the confirmation that I need to do ours for the week, TODAY.

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